Free up the time sink

Let’s establish a vision & strategy for your game from start to post-launch! We'll define your unique features, keep you on track & connect you with all the right distribution outlets & broadcasting platforms. Defining the right strategy, at the right time & communicating a clear message will elevate your launch!


We are here to take workload off your shoulders, hitting the right target audiences & receiving maximum exposure & revenue! Disobey makes sure that you never miss a deadline & that your project is always on track to a successful launch! In simple terms, we get it done & let you concentrate on developing your game!

Gamers strongly identify with the games they play or the products they use. We ensure that you are sending one clear message across all distribution & social channels to make you easily recognisable & relatable. We will optimise the hell outta your distribution platform & show you how you can shine on Steam, Epic, Discord Store & more.

at max capacity?

Is your in-house team hitting max capacity? Are your existing titles not receiving the marketing loving they deserve? We are excited to work with your in-house teams to help you through the finish line!


  • Time Management & Creation of Production Schedules
  • Campaign Planning & Execution
  • Defining Pricing Strategy & Methods of Distribution
  • Forecasting & Analyses
  • Management of Your Current Portfolio
  • Business Model Analyses
  • Connecting You with Specialists within the Industry e.g Porting Companies, Trailer Agencies etc
  • Guidance on Twitch Extensions to Reap Maximum Engagement for Your Game
  • Optimisation of Distribution Stores e.g. Steam, Epic, Discord, Humble Bundle etc
  • Post Mortems
  • Connection to the right contacts at Twitch, Mixer & Discord