Disobey is a marketing agency creating compelling campaigns within the games industry. We work with gaming & non-gaming brands & introduce them to the world of gaming influencers & beyond. We specialise in influencer campaign management, social media strategy, project & community management. In simple terms, we help you launch your games or products within the gaming industry through 21st-century marketing methods! We have a love affair with indie games & help developers to get their projects off the ground.

Boring? Isn’t our thing. We like to get shit done, right there and then.

why disobey?

Simply, no good story has ever started without breaking the rules! We are your audience! We are gamers & we speak your audiences'​ language fluently.  We know the industry inside out & not just from the developer or branding side but also from the consumer & influencer side which makes us stand out from the rest. We believe in building authentic relationships whether it may be between you & our global network of influencers or gaming superfans to create long-lasting results. We love data. We analyse, tweak & optimise every campaign to reach maximum ROI.

Hit & runs aren’t our thing, we are here to deliver results & metrics that will outperform traditional media!